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and kids are off limits. not if you use women in the idea at that they can be raped to push through a jobs bill? this is despicable stuff. >> neil: dagen, and trying to understand the meanings of the remarks, i think he's saying we have increased joblessness and more likely we'll be with these maladies and even that's a stretch, isn't it? >> it's absolutely a stretch. can we say what it is? it's crazy, it's crazy talk, but now what, these stair tactics work. >> i think when you yell it-- >> that's crazy, i was laughing. >> listening to you. >> it's bananas. >> (laughter) >> and it's crazy. >> but you know what, those scar tactics work, tarp, stimulus, the sky is falling, the world is going to come to an end, health care, and now people are becoming numb to it. >> let's try for a second to take it seriously, okay? if you take a seriously, his argument is, if the economy does bad it generally leads to high crime rates. >> no, no, that's not the argument he's making. the argument he's making, if we don't hire more cops, he's not-- >> the time now is not-- >> no, no, no. >> and that's one thi
, i have about a dozen sources who used to work, these are investment people, used to work for big investment firms or have their investment firms in california and new york and move to texas, why? taxes, and that's-- >> and why do you say they smell. >> these guys? >> because sources told the fox business network who go down there, you get within three inches of them your bea to throw up. >> neil: okay, adam, not on the throwup issue, but on the other issue, i love charlie to death here, but i think their cause is probably a bit more amorphous here and that's the problem. and the argument that they feel disenfranchised and are lashing out and the group they feel is very much enfranchised and very much in the power and the money what is their-- >> well, trying to state the obvious, which is that it's more of the people had jobs they wouldn't have time to be protesting on wall street or in front of the homes of the ceo's of investment firms. >> i disagree with that. >> and as far as, i think they're revolutionaries, a lot of the people. i don't think these are the unwashed-- these a
what we really need to worry about is will the u.s. government be bailing out places like illinois, we haven't seen it yet. >> will the u.s. government continue to bail out moment owners? mitt romney made an interesting statement when he talked about foreclosures, we have to allow we shouldn't do the ridiculous plan. we'll get to it in the section segment. >> moral hazard means there is no consequence to your decision making and that's the problem with the bailouts, you don't act rational. you act with something in the back of your mind i'm going to be bailed out. >> bottom line, capitalism when failure is part of the equation. and when it doesn't work, that's when the occupy wall street-- >> kristin, do you relate with the occupy wall street kids or-- >> for some reason i couldn't see kristin go down to-- >> i could. >> you should have seen me in my hippy days. >> no, i'm nor capitalism and that's what made the country great and occupy wall street is just absolutely ridiculous, these two go to work, get a job and pay off the student loan and teaching about capitalism. >> you forgot to
was using a similar argument to one that president reagan-- >> and that's communicating. >> that's my only points. >> now what's scary about this, and here, this is a campaign speech. this is not an economic plan. this is never going to happen. this is class warfare campaigning and using ronald reagan's-- comparing himself to reagan in any way is one of the most absurd things i've seen in a long time coming out of a very economically stirred presidency. >> go ahead, adam. >> i don't disagree with you it's a campaign speech. every time he uses the expression class warfare. >> millionaires are doing-- >> expression class warfare, they're campaigning. i agree with you, but to advocate for simplifying the tax code and this is a president we all admire. >> no, no, no. >> wait a sec. if he's-- >> this is not tax reform. this is him wanting to close a couple of loopholes for people he doesn't like. tax reform is a greater vision. >> 86 and even jfk did it, got rid of loopholes and cut the top rates from 91 to 70%. president obama is not talking about tax reform otherwise he would have gotten on b
with us, i'm neil cavuto. who says that cain can't cook because he's he not the usual political dish, ben stein, charles payne, dagen mcdowell and adam ma shinski. charles. >> you can say a rocket scientist, worked as a president and took on broken businesses and a certain grace about him and i think a great president in the sense, i don't think he he'd make any american feel bad about themselves. i really believe he is he' a legitimate candidate and glad that people are taking him seriously now. >> neil: and the credentials, 30 years, and always-- dagen, what do you think of this? he's not from the same petri dish as your governors, congressmen, present, past, hence, we don't like you? >> i think if there's ever a time in it country's history, recent history to rethink the noti that our commander-in-chief needs to have extensive political experience, the time is today. congress has 11% approval rating, near rock bottom level. people are completely dissatisfied with the way that washington in and of itself works and i think that's one of the reasons that you are seeing his poll numbers ju
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10